The Numera mPERS Libris 2 and Home Safety Hub 4200x products are the industry’s most advanced and effective personal emergency alert devices certified on AT&T, Verizon, and Telus networks ensuring safety both home and away.  Advanced audio capabilities and location services ensure your selected monitoring station know where you are at and can converse to assess the situation real time and call the appropriate emergency services to assist.

Why Become a
Numera Dealer?

Nice North America is the #1 provider of Personal Emergency Response Solutions (PERS) to independent dealers in North America. Numera Libris mobile PERS is Nortek’s state of the art flagship line, offering unique and highly competitive features, such as market leading automatic fall detection, health and activity tracking, 2-way voice, GPS, and much more.
Here  are  a  few  advantages  you  will  have  by  becoming a  Numera  dealer:

Fast Results
Dealer or easy self-installation allowing for fast return-on-investment

Easy Sell and Upsell
The most advanced fall detection, accessories, and portal access provides additional opportunities for revenue

Large network of pre-integrated Monitoring Service Providers allows for preference options based on cost, and pre-existing business relationships

Marketing and Sales Support
After registration (Register on the site), free access to the Numera PRO Portal for exclusive content including marketing/sales training, sell sheets, FAQs, Product Guides and Manuals, and other assets not available to the general public.

Please e-mail numerasales@niceforyou.com  to hear about the options.

Business Opportunity

The best active engagement products for loved ones, caregivers and employers
  • Numera’s team is laser focused on the aging-in-place, safety, and healthcare markets by developing the industry leading personal emergency response systems offering client safety and caregiver peace-of-mind.
  • Faster ROI is obtained by lower hardware costs and all-inclusive service pricing including cellular service, SIM cards as well as free training and support, and extensive exclusive dealer resources via our PRO Portal.
  • The upcoming 3G to 4G transition is providing Dealers with unique opportunity to convert and capture new customers with a new advanced service.
  • Numera’s dealer program is unique and unlike others in that, you can use any monitoring center of your choosing and not locked into one- allowing your other security business and your PERS business to use the same partner.
  • Additionally, the Numera product works on AT&T, Verizon, and Telus networks to ensure broad coverage.
  • Finally, unlike others, Numera doesn’t compete with our Dealers, and only sells via our Dealer Network.

Products and Platforms

  • Numera’s Libris 2 is the industry’s most advanced mPERS device with patented fall detection capabilities, advanced location services, and nationwide coverage with 24×7 instant care access to ensure safety and peace-of-mind for patients and caregivers.
  • Numera’s PERS-4200X console works together with compatible PERS wearables and home sensors from the Numera Home Safety Hub. This suite of products combines information from sensing devices like CO and smoke detectors, motion detectors, and window-door sensors with alerts from wearable personal emergency response devices in a single PERS (Personal Emergency Response Solution) console for seniors or others needing support while living alone.
  • EverThere is a cloud-based caregiver portal that integrates data with Libris to provide a user-friendly, comprehensive dashboard for those managing the health and safety of Libris users. Data is collected from Libris is transmitted to the caregiver portal. This allows EverThere to display real-time activity data and event notifications like location and status from the device continuously. The platform gives control for personalized notifications, activity tracking, and real-time and previous location histories. Click here to learn more.

Channels and
Market Segments

The Numera solution offers Dealers signficiant revenue opportunities not only in the PERS market, but also in a number of others in the lone worker and healthcare space. Click on the links for Sell Sheets in these markets:

Mobile PERS
Home Safety Hub
Lone Workers/Construction
Security and Personal Safety
Real Estate and Hospitality

Numera supports “care anywhere” — from sophisticated “smart mode” fall detection to at-home Bluetooth biometrics to the expected emergency response at the touch of a button.”

— Bill Lyon| Former President, Visonic, Americas

Mobile technologies hold great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases, and lowering healthcare costs.”

— "New business models delivering care anywhere," | Health Research Institute PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Sept 2010

We believe that Numera should be considered by CIOs, CMIOs and CMOs at HDOs that are seeking to improve the care of chronically ill individuals.”

— Jonathan Edwards| Gartner Cool Companies 2011 analysis