Numera Libris with EverThere integrates health data, personal safety and emergency response with proactive and socially engaging wellness services.

• HEALTH DATA: Numera Libris wirelessly connects with personal medical devices, collecting and sharing activity and health measurements.*
• ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: EverThere service provides customizable wellness notifications linked to location, activity and health* measurements.

*Future functionality


EverThere links seniors with their family and caregivers for encouragement, support and accountability tied to insights, measurements and daily activity information.

• PERSONAL ENGAGEMENT: EverThere seamlessly integrates into seniors’ daily lives by providing easy-to-use web tool for both them and those that care for them.
• PROACTIVE CARE: EverThere provides notifications to caregivers when measurement* is not within pre-defined brackets or an activity indicates a potential problem. *future functionality


Numera Libris with EverThere is the first mobile health, wellness and personal safety solution that’s all-in-one, with the industry’s most advanced fall-detection technology.

• AT HOME AND ON THE MOVE: Libris is 3G connected and GPS-enabled
• CARE VIRTUALLY ANYWHERE: Libris features automatic hands-free two-way voice communication and EverThere emergency notifications, together enabling early intervention.


Today’s personal emergency response solutions are largely reactive, home based, and lack solutions to promote healthy living. We at Numera are convinced that to live healthier longer, the solutions must allow for proactive engagement and early intervention.
Numera’s proactive wellness solutions integrate health device measurements (including weight scales, blood pressure meters, pulse oximeters and thermometers) with Numera Libris mPERS device and web-based Numera EverThere platform. Our solutions provide a more complete picture of overall health and wellness, enable prevention activities to effectively manage chronic conditions and follow-up care, while also reducing the financial burden on caregivers.

We also acknowledge the seniors’ desire to live mobile and active lives while feeling safe. Our solutions are multi-functional and cellular-based, providing tools for both personal security and virtual care, anywhere and anytime.


Mobile technologies hold great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases, and lowering healthcare costs.

"New business models delivering care anywhere,"
"New business models delivering care anywhere," Health Research Institute PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Sept 2010

We believe that Numera should be considered by CIOs, CMIOs and CMOs at HDOs that are seeking to improve the care of chronically ill individuals.

Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan EdwardsGartner Cool Companies 2011 analysis

Numera supports “care anywhere” — from sophisticated “smart mode” fall detection to at-home Bluetooth biometrics to the expected emergency response at the touch of a button.

Bill Lyon
Bill LyonFormer President, Visonic, Americas