About Us

Numera works with partners to achieve measurably better health and wellness for those in their care through encouragement, support and accountability. The company combines the power of caregivers, friends and peer groups, the benefits of subjective and objective health information, and the ability to make this information actionable via extensible, scalable, and custom-branded solutions.

  • Engage the individual and their family
  • Support the care team with subjective and objective health information
  • Enable more knowledgeable decisions that result in measurably better health
Numera solutions extend beyond traditional emergency response to healthy aging, chronic condition management and post-acute care markets – all based on Numera’s telehealth+telecare platform. This FDA-cleared platform enables timely information to flow from individuals to their providers and back again. The result is quality collaboration, personal accountability and healthier outcomes for all.
Numera is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with a corporate office in  Orlando, Florida.


Our Mission

Numera’s mission is to help people live healthier longer through measurability, accountability and support with three soutions:

Our Channel

Our channel to the consumer is via partners whose brand, content and expertise are amplified when using Numera’s platform and products. We offer solutions for:

Our Advantages

What’s different about Numera is our single, integrated telehealth+telecare platform that extends our partners’ offerings to improve the health for those in their care.
  • Solutions deliver timely, actionable health information while encouraging self-management and compliance
  • Taps social networks to create lasting behavior change
  • Easy integration with third party applications, devices and systems
  • Custom-branded solutions enables partners to strengthen relationships with their customers
  • Accommodates all technology comfort levels for users